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Learn Google Flutter Fast in PDF


Download the PDF book : Learn Google Flutter Fast: 65 Example Apps 2019 by Mark Clow for free.

Learn Google Flutter by example. Over 65 example mini-apps. Chapters Include: 

Three Chapters on Dart Language. 

Introduction to Flutter. 

Installing Flutter. 

Your first Flutter App. 

Dependencies & Packages. 

Introduction to Widgets & Composition. 

Stateless Widgets. 

Stateful Widgets. 

Basic Material Widgets. 

Multi-Child Widgets. 

Single-Child Widgets. 

App Scaffolding Widgets. 

Other Widgets. Builders. 

Routing & Navigation. 


Http, Apis, REST & JSON. 

Flutter with Http, Apis, REST & JSON. 

State. State & Stateful Widgets. 

State & InheritedWidgets. 

State & Scoped Model. 

State & BLoCs with Streams. 

Local Persistence. 


Debugging & Performance Profiling. 

Change Detection, Keys & Rendering. 

Other Performance Considerations. P

ublishing Your App. 

Flutter Resources.


The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the purpose of this book and acknowledge those who have made this book possible. This chapter also contains a disclaimer. There is also a link to the source code for the examples.


First and foremost, thanks to my wife Jill and her patience. I hope she is enjoying herself doing her favorite things like Paddle boarding, Kayaking and being at one with nature. I hope she never reads this book because it would bore her.

I would also like to acknowledge the amazing work done by the Google engineers. When I ran the profiler and saw just how fast the UI was redrawing, I was blown-away. Google has some amazing talent, what a team of engineers.


This is not the most advanced book written by the most advanced Flutter developer. I wrote this book to broaden my knowledge of this technology and I still have a way to go. However, I learnt a lot in writing this book and I hope it helps others.


1. Table of Contents

2. Welcome

3. The Big Picture

4.Introduction to Dart

5. Basic Dart

7.Introduction to Flutter

8.Installing Flutter

9. Your First App

10. Dependencies & Packages

11. Default Flutter Application Project

12.Introduction to Widgets

13. Stateless Widgets

14. Stateful Widgets

15. Basic Material Widgets

16. Multi-Child Layout Widgets

17. Single-Child Layout Widgets

18. App Scaffolding Widgets

19. Other Widgets

20. Builders

21. Routing & Navigation

22. Forms


24. Flutter with HTTP, APIs, REST & JSON

25. State

26. State & Stateful Widget Approach

27. State & InheritedWidget Approach

28. State & ScopedModel Approach

29. State & BLoCs w/Streams Approach

30. Local Persistence

31. Mixins

32. Debugging & Performance Profiling

33. Change Detection, Keys & Rendering

34. Other Performance Considerations

35. Publishing Your App

36. Flutter Resources

About The Book :

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (April 1, 2019)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Pages ‏ : ‎ 507 

File : PDF, 9MB


Free Download the Book: Learn Google Flutter Fast: 65 Example Apps

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