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Practical Laravel by Daniel Correa in pdf


Download This PDF Book: Practical Laravel: Develop clean MVC web applications by Daniel Correa, Paola Vallejo

Explore and use Laravel 9 to develop clean MVC web applications. This is a book for novice Laravel developers.

Book Description

Laravel is a PHP web application framework with expressive and elegant syntax. We will use Laravel to develop an Online Store application that uses several Laravel features. 

The Online Store application will be the means to understand straightforward and complex Laravel concepts and how Laravel features can be used to implement real-world applications.

This book is written with brief explanations direct to the point. It includes tips, short discussions, and useful phrases found in other books that we have read to provide you with a practical approach that will improve your coding skills.

What you will learn

Design and implement Laravel applications.

Apply clean code strategies.

Keep consistency between code and architectural diagrams.

Use coding standards.

Implement responsive user interfaces.

Store information in databases.

Validate data.

Implement admin panels.

Implement login systems.

Deploy applications to the cloud.

Table of Contents

This is a book divided into 31 chapters, with six pages on average per chapter. It was designed not to overwhelm you. With this division, you will feel like you're making fast progress.

Chapter 01 – Introduction.

Chapter 02 – Online Store running example.

Chapter 03 – Introduction to Laravel and Installation.

Chapter 04 – Introduction to MVC applications.

Chapter 05 – Layout View.

Chapter 06 – Index and About Pages.

Chapter 07 – Refactoring Index and About Pages.

Chapter 08 – Use of a Coding Standard.

Chapter 09 – List Products with Dummy Data.

Chapter 10 – Configuration of MySQL Database.

Chapter 11 – Product Migration.

Chapter 12 – Product Model.

Chapter 13 – List Products with Database Data.

Chapter 14 – Refactoring List Products.

Chapter 15 – Admin Panel.

Chapter 16 – List Products in Admin Panel.

Chapter 17 – Create Products.

Chapter 18 – Create Products with Images.

Chapter 19 – Edit and Delete Products.

Chapter 20 – Refactoring Validations.

Chapter 21 – Login System.

Chapter 22 – Refactoring User.

Chapter 23 – AdminAuthMiddleware.

Chapter 24 – Introduction to Web Session.

Chapter 25 – Shopping Cart.

Chapter 26 – Orders and Items.

Chapter 27 – Product Purchase.

Chapter 28 – Orders Page.

Chapter 29 – Deploying to the Cloud – Clever-Cloud – MySQL Database.

Chapter 30 – Deploying to the Cloud – Heroku – Laravel Application.

Chapter 31 – Continue your Laravel Journey.

Who is this book for?

This book is for web developers or programmers who want to learn Laravel and improve their code skills. No previous knowledge of Laravel is required. However, basic programming knowledge is required. This book is also suitable for experienced Laravel developers. They can revise previous concepts and learn new clean code strategies.

About the author

Daniel Correa has been a researcher and a software developer for several years. Daniel has a Ph.D. in ComputerScience; currently, he is a professor at Universidad EAFIT in Colombia. 

He is interested in software architectures,frameworks (such as Laravel, Django, Nest, Express, Vue, React, Angular, and many more), web development, andclean code.Daniel is very active on Twitter. He shares tips about software development and reviews software engineeringbooks. Contact Daniel on Twitter at @danielgarax.

About the co-author

Paola  Vallejo is  a  professor  and  researcher  at  Universidad  EAFIT  in  Colombia.  She  is  interested  in  software architectures,  software  design  principles,  software  design  patterns,  and  clean  code.

About The Book:

Publication date ‏ : ‎ February 12, 2022

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Pages ‏ : ‎ 118

File: PDF, 10MB


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