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Beginning Flutter with Dart in pdf


Download this PDF book: Beginning Flutter with Dart A Step by Step Guide for Beginners to Build a Basic Android or iOS Mobile Application by Sanjib Sinha

The main advantage of this Book is it will upgrade with Flutter. It is at an advantage because I regularly write Flutter blog at my website, and as a result, I always keep adding those posts in new chapters, so that you can update your knowledge from lesser known facts to unknown facts about Flutter. 

Consequently the pages and words have been increasing since I have first published this book. Finally, where it will stop? I can't assume at present, the pages might cross two thousand or more, because in every month "Beginning Flutter with Dart" will get updated twice or thrice. 

Therefore once you've got the book, it will always give you the most recent development that takes place in Flutter widget and user interface world. In addition, as you progress, you'll find that more concise and succinct detail about the Flutter widgets, and besides, inherent concepts regarding widgets are getting added in a regular basis. I hope, that'll help you to understand firstly, and secondly, build more robust Flutter applications.

For example, although in the first part we used old Provider package, we've updated that to the new version in the later section. As you know, Flutter is a free and open-source mobile User Interface framework created by Google. Therefore, it doesn't cost you any money to build and test applications. 

There are other tools for the mobile application developers. But Flutter has distinguished itself for its simplicity. Moreover, Flutter has one single codebase that runs everywhere. By the way, Flutter uses on programming language in the background – Dart.

Therefore, if you’re a beginner and want to learn Flutter from scratch, you must have a knowledge of Dart, as well. And, this book will help you to achieve this. Now, if you learn Flutter, with the help of one programming language Dart, you will be able to create two mobile applications at the same time. One for Android and the other for iOS.

However, to start with you need to install Flutter that consists of SDK or Software Development Kit. In addition, the Flutter framework that consists of User Interface library based Widget will help you to build any design you want to do. This book will teach you from the very beginning.

How to install Flutter, what IDE you need. Above all, how to build your first mobile application. Because Flutter uses Dart programming language, we will start with Flutter. But side by side we will also learn Dart and its implementation on Flutter. As time passes by, we’ll keep updating this book as Flutter gets upgraded, adding new features. Moreover, you’ll learn them also in this book


1. Getting Started

2. Flutter and Dart Architecture: Understanding Class and Object

3. Dart Language Basic and its implementation in Flutter

4. Digging Deep into Dart to learn Flutter Logic 

5. How to build Flutter UI using Widgets 

6. Layouts in Flutter, Tips and Tricks 

7. Introduction to State Management and Form Validation in Flutter and 

8. Provider: A recommended approach to manage State and Model-View-Controller

9. Everything about Flutter Navigation and Route 

10. More on Flutter UI, List, Map, and Provider Best Practices

11. Google’s Flutter 2.5 and Dart 2.14, What’s New

12. Understanding Material Design in Flutter

13. Slivers and Scrolling Widgets

14. A Close Encounter with Provider package and State Management

15. User Interface, Style, Theme and App Design 

16. What Next?

About the book:

Author: Sanjib Sinha

Publisher: Leanpub

Year: 2021-11-28

Pages: 710

English language

File : PDF ,34.1 MB


Free Download the Book: Beginning Flutter with Dart A Step by Step Guide for Beginners to Build a Basic Android or iOS Mobile Application by Sanjib Sinha

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