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Clean Mobile Architecture by Efthymiou in pdf


Download this PDF book: Clean Mobile Architecture: Become an Android, iOS, Flutter Architect by Petros Efthymiou

“A practical handbook that will provide tremendous help while designing the codebase of your mobile app” —Jovche Mitrejchevski, Software Craftsman

“Provides a carefully balanced view on designing, and growing, an app's architecture in line with the size and requirements of the codebase. A very helpful tool to make more practical sense of how an app's architecture can (and should) evolve over time.” —Donny Wals, iOS consultant & author

The long-awaited book tailored to the architectural needs of Mobile Applications. Clean Architecture is by now a standard in Mobile development. It is listed in every job ad and is assessed in every technical interview. Particularly for senior, architect, and lead positions.

Most software books are written with Backend systems in mind. While the software basics are common, the details differ. And details are crucial. 

Translating their wisdom into Mobile codebases requires effort and often includes several unsuccessful attempts. This is the one book you need to properly architect Mobile apps. It is platform-agnostic and includes coding samples of both Android & iOS. Read it, and you’ll learn how to:

Architect your mobile application by Clean Architecture.

Apply the S.O.L.I.D principles.

Leverage Reactive Programming & MVI.

Draw proper architectural boundaries.

Define adequate testing strategies.

Leverage Evolutionary design and increase agility.

Identify when Clean Architecture is needed and when simpler approaches work better.

“Best practices” don’t exist. Some practices solve specific problems while introducing problems that didn’t exist before. What works for a startup doesn’t work for an enterprise app, and vice versa. This book goes the extra mile to clarify when each practice is helpful. And most importantly, when to avoid it.

The book doesn’t only stick to theory. It includes several repos with sample apps that put everything into practice. Theory backed up by practice is called experience. That’s what makes an architect.

About the Author 

 Petros Efthymiou is a software craftsman, instructor, and author. He has vast experience in building and architecting mobile apps of varying complexity. 

His experience includes lead engineering positions in startups and large multinational organizations. He has also worked as a partner software instructor in various institutions such as New York College, Hellenic American Union & Careerbuilder GR. Currently, he is working as a software instructor and consultant at software enterprises in the banking industry.

He is passionate about software architecture, XP practices, and pragmatism. Among others, he is the author of Clean Mobile Architecture and the best-seller Udemy course - Android TDD Masterclass.


Clean mobile architecture





About the author


Part I

1. Loans are generally a bad idea

2. Expensive code is also expensive

3. Minimum viable architecture

4. So, why?

Part ii

5. Fundamental software objectives

6. Single responsibility

7. Open closed

8. Liskov substitution

9. Interface segregation

10. Dependency inversion

11. Reactive programming

12. Inversion of control

13. Testing & tdd

Part iii

14. One destination, many roads

15. Clean ╬▒rchitecture - the theory

16. Mv(c,p,vm,I)

17. Mobile clean architecture

18. Logic & validations

19. Boundaries & layers

20. The golden circle of software development

References and related reading

About the book:

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Petros Efthymiou (April 8, 2022)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Pages ‏ : ‎ 300 

File : PDF, 16MB


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